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  I've been inside the members area.  I've seen everything there's to see in the App Coiner site.  They only don't reveal any information regarding how much cash you'll create if someone downloads a throughout your link and makes a purchase.

Hundreds? Idon't understand, and it's really not because I'venot tried to discover out.  I've been inside the members area.

  They Are not employing you for testing, though.  many of these applications can be purchased in the Apple Shop, and Apple isn't likely to recognize programs that have not been totally tested or which have bugs.  Any programs that look for market are already going to be examined, which means youare not doing that.

  The sales page is just a tad vague on that.  You earn money by publishing overview of the app and post it in your Website.  The income site was somewhat hazy on that, but yes, as a way to receive money, you've to have a Website where you are able to post critiques of the app.

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